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Kanuka Yoga Space - Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks for taking a peek into Kanuka Yoga Space. Keep reading to learn more about our weekly yoga classes, experienced teachers, boutique online yoga platform and our NZ based yoga retreats!

A Neighbourly Yoga Studio in Hobsonville, Auckland

Breath, Movement and Mindfulness

We are a boutique yoga studio where you can breathe and move mindfully. We offer 21+ classes each week with nine unique teachers.

The studio is influenced by the natural beauty of New Zealand. We encourage you to bring your practice to the great outdoors close to Hobsonville and West Auckland: Catalina Bay, around the Auckland harbour, Waitakere Ranges, or the stunning West Coast beaches.

Our yoga studio is located on the ground floor, and is wheel-chair accessible (wide doors at entry and mobility friendly restroom). Please reach out if you'll be joining our class and need extra support; we are happy to help.

The room area is 110m2 with floor-to-ceiling windows on opposite ends of the room; lots of natural light! Windows are covered with sheer curtains for privacy. We often use scents like palo santo and an essential oil diffuser, if you are sensitive - please let us know in advance so we can accomodate you.

We aim to use natural cleaning products when we can (Green Goddess is our go-to supplier) and also recognise the need for regular, deeper-sanitisation during Level 2.

We hope you enjoy the space we have created to share with you!

On any given week, you can expect to see a mix of the following classes:

  • Slow Flow - fusion of hatha and vinyasa, but with slower, deeper poses

  • Restore - heal and rest your body and mind; influenced by the gentle aspects of yin and yoga nidra. Sometimes, accompanied by the soothing sounds of an acoustic guitar

  • Yin - a slow, meditative practice consisting of long held stretches (without muscle tension); focusing on the deeper tissues of your body

  • Power Flow - strength based, energetic classes to raise internal heat; suitable for those with an existing practice and who would like to move a little faster

  • Yin/Yang - a blend of two styles of yoga in one practice; long hold, passive-style poses (yin) fused with more dynamic sequences and standing poses (yang)

  • Prenatal Yoga - cultivate a sacred space to grow and bond with your baby, preparing for birthing day. Expect gentle movement with guided meditations to leave you grounded

  • Foundations of Flow - a yoga basics class which is suitable for complete beginners, or those looking to enhance their existing practice. Move slowly, and learn about each post in a more descriptive way.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram - @kanukayoga - to hear about our unique Yoga Series we host at the studio; Prenatal Yoga, Introduction to Yoga, Mama + Baby and the occasional Kids Yoga Series.

You'll also hear about our bespoke Workshops and Events; Sound Healing Journeys, Cacao + Yoga Workshops, Women's Wellness Retreats and much more!

We have a range of specials available to make it easy for you to take part - take a look at our offers.

#KanukaHomePractice - An Online Yoga Community For You

Explore breath and movement at your own pace, and in your own space, for only $20 per month.

Join our boutique online yoga platform, Kanuka Home Practice and practice mindful breath, and movement with our amazing teachers from home.

We have categorised all yoga classes into easy-to-follow playlists, all aligned with our in-studio classes:

Slow Flow - our most popular in-studio class; inspired by vinyasa and hatha styles of yoga; a slow pace allows you more time within each asana, so you can focus on your breath and alignment

Power Flow - higher intensity, more strength based and classes will include some challenging options for you; influenced by hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga; aimed to raise internal heat.

Gentle Yoga / Restorative - suitable for beginners, or anyone looking for a slow, gentle practice.

Meditation / Asana Tutorial - short, guided meditation sessions, breathwork and asana/movement tutorials.

Have you seen Kanuka Yoga on YouTube?

Our YouTube Channel has a huge range of short-form classes available; Slow Flow, Power, Chair Yoga, Meditations plus Yoga Basics. Watch on-demand and share your experiences with us!

Online Yoga is a great way to supplement your studio practice. Always bring your preferred props if you'd like more support and feel free to reach out after your class with any questions.

Breathe, Move, Eat, Play, Connect

Join Kanuka Yoga and a unique group of amazing humans on our next Yoga Retreat!

Take rest, connect with like-minded people and try something new. Move, breath, eat, play, dance and sing your way through a few days at an amazing New Zealand location.

Read / Watch Our Memories from past Yoga Retreats at stunning locations like, Mt Ruapehu, Waipu, Lake Tarawera and Muriwai.

If you'd like to express interest in attending our next retreat, feel free to send us an email at

Private Yoga Classes

Provide your dedicated people with a sustainable wellness program; guided yoga, mindful meditation and mindset coaching.

Encourage your team to clear their minds, foster collaboration and effective communication, and embed healthy new, daily practices into their lives at work and home.

Sessions can be held virtually, within the office, at our boutique studio in Hobsonville or we can arrange an offsite location where a bigger emphasis on connection with others and inner exploration is encouraged.

Stu Larsen and Raquel Minh have collectively spent 20+ years in fast-paced, corporate environments so they understand the daily pressures that people regularly face. With that experience, they are able to present the yogic practices of conscious breath and movement in a real-life way that can be more attainable to new-comers wanting to find more space and calmness at work and home; life doesn't stop when people leave the office, so this practice is about finding more balance in the office, and at home.

All New Zealand owned and operated.

We work with a variety of well-known NZ retail brands to provide you with the best prices on yoga equipment, meditation cushions and bolsters, tea and a few other specialty products.

You can receive discounts when you purchase these brands online.

For all information about our retail partnerships, and the deals you can receive / links to shop online, visit this page - 'Amazing Deals On Yoga Equipment'.

More products are also available in-studio:

  • Kanuka Journal

  • Kanuka Tote Bag

  • Kanuka Caping Mug

  • Mamamuti Cacao

  • Palo Santo

  • The Maca Experts - Maca & Cacao

Click Here to view all products available =)

Thanks again for learning more about Kanuka Yoga Space.

We look forward to practicing with you soon.


Kanuka Yoga Space


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