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Our yoga classes are inspired by Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin/Yang, and Restorative styles of Yoga. Classes like Yogalates are inspired by Mat Pilates.

We're based in Auckland's Northwest suburb of Hobsonville; conveniently off the motorway with plenty of parking options available.

We offer a range of different class styles to suit every body; whether you're starting a yoga practice for the very first time or if you've been practicing a long time there is a class available for you.

If you have concerns about your age or gender, strength or flexibility, breathing patterns or balance, you can count on Kanuka Yoga being a safe and inclusive space for all. We lead with a trauma sensitive approach to our class cues and demonstrations.

We encourage positive exploration of your body, mind and breath on the mat, and hope you find time and space to continue that practice off the mat when you're out in the real world.

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We have a diverse and absolutely wonderful team of 8+ yoga teachers at Kanuka Yoga and we love to encourage their unique teaching style; we feel this is a great way to learn something new, by taking lessons and perspectives from various backgrounds and personalities, whilst staying true to our trauma-sensitive approach.

Keep reading to learn more about our regular, weekly classes like Slow Flow, Restore, Power Flow and Yin/Yang Yoga...

Slow Flow Yoga Classes

A fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, but with slower, deeper poses.

Our most popular class on the weekly schedule, Slow Flows give you plenty of time and space to find your breath as you warm up the body in a gentle way.

Slow Flow classes often start with a short meditation (seated or another pose) which provides the space needed to gather up all your attention and to be present with how you're feeling and what you're thinking in the present moment.

This is the perfect class for a new-comer as we (Kanuka Team) all share a mutual understanding that Slow Flow classes must cater to someone completely new to a physical yoga practice, whilst also providing more advanced options to those people that practice more regularly.

We have eight Slow Flow classes on every week!

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Restore Yoga Classes

Heal and rest your body & mind, influenced by Yin and Yoga Nidra.

Kanuka Yoga Space opened for classes in December 2018, and before this time we saw one other small yoga studio in Herald Island offering regular classes. As we progressed through the first year of sharing classes with the community we saw a lot of interest in our Restore classes.

Perhaps most of the local community were quite new to a regular yoga practice and wanted to start slow, or it's that our Restore classes are so incredibly peaceful for the body and mind that our students couldn't get enough.

Restore classes are suitable for someone brand new to yoga and is also suitable to the most advanced students. You can expect to be lying on your mat, supported by your props (bolsters, blankets, blocks) for the majority of the class. You'll move through 6-10 yoga poses and hold each on for 3-5 minutes. No strength or flexibility is required and we feel every body can join a Restore class at Kanuka.

Giving yourself 60 minutes to not only slow down, but holding a yoga pose (asana) for a long time really helps turn your attention to your mind and thoughts. You begin to notice more quickly when distractions pop into the head, and throughout the 60 minutes you begin to find more clear space, the mind starts to become more quiet, you hear and notice your breath a little more and, with the right guidance from our instructors, you can find regular moments of gratitude throughout the class.

We have three Restore yoga classes on every week!

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Power Flow Yoga Classes

Strength based, energetic classes which will raise internal heat.

We recommend joining a Power Flow class if you either practice regularly, or if you've tried a good handful of our Slow Flow classes and want to try build a little more strength during your yoga practice.

All teachers at Kanuka Yoga share the understanding that Power Flow students have a decent idea of what they are doing and have practiced yoga before. In other words, we don't usually recommend Power Flow classes to beginners.

A Power Flow class might be quite slow moving with the intention of holding challenging poses to build strength and balance, or the class may move more quickly and flow through a few different standing sequences. You may find some movements, poses or sequences are repeated a few times to give the class a good idea of where we are going.

Often times, a Power Flow class will build towards a peak pose; something like Dancers Pose, Grasshopper, Crow Pose, Flying Pigeon or Head Stand.

It's important to know that all movements, postures and sequences are optional; we encourage everyone to listen to their body and not to do something that could cause pain or injury. Generally speaking, the student will know how their body is feeling better than the teacher does, so honour that knowledge and trust your decisions to skip or modify, knowing that you're in a safe and supportive space.

We have three Power Flow yoga classes on every week!

Visit our Schedule Online to book your next Power Flow yoga class at Kanuka Yoga.

Yin Yoga Classes

A restorative and meditative practice focusing on deeper tissues of our body.

Yin is a restorative, meditative practice consisting of long held stretches (without muscle tension) focusing on the deeper tissues of our body; encouraging more flexibility and freedom of movement while releasing deep tension of the body and softening the nervous system.

Suitable for all experience levels - no strength or flexibility required.

Note - at face value, Yin and Restore may seem quite similar, however they are different. Yin has a bigger focus on deep tissue muscle, meaning the poses (even though they're held for long periods of time and mostly on the ground) are a little more challenging to that of a restore class.

We have one Yin yoga class each week.

Visit our Schedule Online to book your next Yin yoga class at Kanuka Yoga.

Yin/Yang Yoga Classes

A class split into two distinct parts; the Yin with slower, deeper poses, and the Yang which includes more movement and standing sequences.

Yin/Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses (Yin) with more dynamic sequences and standing postures (Yang).

Yin / Yang represents the balance of opposing opposites in life. For example the sun (yang) and moon (yin), the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin). Remember that no matter who masculine or feminine you might be, everyone contains elements of yin and yang in them throughout every passing moment. In otherwise, we are one =)

We have two Yin/Yang yoga classes each week!

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If you have any other questions about our class styles or teachers, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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