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The Best Yoga Equipment for your Home Practice!

Updated: May 29

We are very grateful to be in partnership with locally owned businesses, so you can feel more 'at home' with your yoga practice, anywhere you go.

Find your preferred yoga equipment, create a tranquil space using your favourite scents, lighting and sounds, and enjoy all the luxuries of an in-studio practice from your own home.

Especially handy if you're taking part in any online yoga classes. There's lots of great online classes out there!

Curious to know what yoga equipment we use at Kanuka Yoga Space? Click Here

Learn more about our amazing partners below...

Best Yoga Equipment for your Yoga Practice

New Zealand owned and operated.

We are excited to partner with Big Little Gift Box to bring you some seriously cute gift boxes and also a special offer.

Big Little Gift Box creates beautiful reusable gift boxes packed with some great NZ handmade products. They are a sustainable gifting option that reduces waste but also supports local small businesses.

The images an example of their housewarming gift box which we think would make the perfect treat for someone moving into a new home.

Use their unique discount code to receive 15% Off any online purchase you make.

Discount Code - KANUKA15

New Zealand owned and operated.

We love this yoga brand's dedication to sustainable products. Their cork yoga mats have great cushion, are non-slip, and are environmentally friendly. Cork yoga blocks are especially handy for myofascial release and the extra weight provides stability and can be used for strength-training.

You can purchase these cork yoga mats in the studio.

Or, you can use THIS LINK and receive 10% Off any online purchase you make.

Discount Code - KANUKA10

Kanuka Yoga Retail Partnerships - Valka Yoga

Who are Valka Yoga?

"Yoga is supposed to make you feel great. So why practice on yoga mats that are toxic to our bodies and the environment? We started Valka Yoga in New Zealand with the aim of making high quality and ethically sourced yoga mats accessible to everyone. We have been designing props & yoga mats in NZ for the past 5 years from natural materials, promoting yoga, health and sustainability along the way."

New Zealand owned and operated.

Eco Yoga Store offer an exceptional range of yoga mats, props, and accessories with something for everyone's budget.

TRIBE products are all designed in NZ, and Manduka products are designed by yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide.

Use THIS LINK to receive 10% Off any TRIBE or Manuka product you purchase online.

Discount Code - K4nuk4

At Kanuka Yoga, we use TRIBE straps and we love their funky, colourful range of yoga mats which we see in the studio on a regular basis.

How Do I Choose The Best Yoga Mat?

With any yoga practice, the first place to start is your yoga mat - this will be the foundational piece of equipment for your practice so it's important to make the right choice based on your preferences. If you choose the cheapest / lowest quality option out there, you may not set yourself up to enjoy the practice as much as you could.

Keep in mind, you'll probably have your mat for a number of years so if you're debating whether to spend the extra $20 or $30 dollars now for something that ticks all the boxes, then we say it's worth it. Maximise your enjoyment each time your practice; at home, or at the studio =)

Yoga Mat Considerations

  • Thickness of Material - thicker mats can provide more padding and comfort for your ankles, wrists and knees however are generally more expensive and a little heavier to carry (you can also double-mat if studios have a good supply).

  • Mat Size - if you're a taller human then you'll want to consider a larger mat for your extended reach and length; making sure your heels and head can rest down for Savasana is ideal.

  • Type of Material - thinking about where materials have been sourced and the footprint left on the environment can help narrow down your choices. Check out this blog from Eco Yoga Store to learn more about mat materials. We highly recommend Valka Cork Yoga Mats; sustainable material and have great padding.

  • Go for Grip - when you're flowing into a challenging pose, or even finding a trusty Downward Dog, mat grip is an important aspect.

  • Make it Fun - there are tonnes of funky colours and designs out there so you can find something that really speaks to you.

For more help on choosing the right mat, you can use this handy tool from Eco Yoga Store - Find The Right Mat

Who are Eco Yoga Store?

" to offer the highest quality of yoga products, combined with exceptional customer service, whilst ensuring that we both respect, and care for our environment by selecting products where sustainability is as important as fit and function."

New Zealand owned and operated.

Handcrafted eye pillows, bolsters, and meditation cushions for your practice.

Use THIS LINK to receive free shipping on AllSenses product purchased online.

Free Shipping Code - Kanuka

Kanuka Yoga Retail Partnerships - All Senses Yoga Cushions

At Kanuka Yoga, we use AllSenses bolsters and eye pillows. Both items are extremely popular with our locals so we're thrilled to continue promoting and using these products.

Who are All Senses?

"When I (founder - Beate Minderjahn) started Yoga lessons I wanted to buy a Yoga bolster and other supporting props to practice at home. But I couldn’t really find what I liked, so I designed my own.

Motivated by family and friends I created my own range of hand-crafted Yoga and Meditation cushions. I wanted the products to be washable, practical and beautiful plus filled with natural materials, like NZ wool, organic cotton, coco fibre or shredded latex."

A family owned, Kiwi business established in 1995.

Committed to ethically sourcing only the finest quality teas from the most reputable tea gardens around the world. Having over 52 years combined experience in the 'Art of Tea' they are New Zealand's most innovative tea blenders.  

Receive 15% Off any tea product (excl accessories) you purchase online.

Discount Code - KANUKA

Since we opened Kanuka Yoga back in 2018, we have enjoyed working with Tea Total and using their delicious teas in the studio. They are a breeze when it comes to ordering and delivery, their Albany warehouse is AMAZING and we've had such amazing feedback from our yogis on their products. We hope you enjoy this special offer!

Here's a summary of the props we use at Kanuka Yoga Space:

New Zealand owned and operated.

Beautiful and intricately hand crafted mala beads and necklaces, with micro macrame art.

Yoko's intention is to create something that communicates the harmony and beauty between human creation and nature. These macrame techniques are some of the oldest crafts in the world.

Kanuka Yoga Retail Partnerships - Yoko Micromacrame Art

About Yoko:

"For me to design and make malas are healing and remind me to be in peace. As a creative artist, my mind is always busy with what to make next and how to promote them so I can continue to be able to create.

But then sometimes this kind of thinking leads me into a desiring minds and that is not a very comfortable state to be in. I would like to be able to create my arts from a more deeper place where loving awareness exist. It is not easy and I am still far away from there which is why I practice Yoga Asana and meditation everyday."

These Micromacrame Mala Beads are available to purchase in the studio; ask one of our friendly staff next time you're in.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for practicing with us.


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