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Local Business Rates

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Promote health and wellness in your workplace and join Kanuka Yoga Space with four colleagues (or more) for a group discount rate:

  • 5 Class Pass (for each yogi) - 25% off

  • 10 Class Pass (for each yogi) - 30% off

  • 20 Class Pass (for each yogi) - 35% off

We have 3-4 classes throughout the day. Come join us for an early morning slow flow before work, or build strength and flexibility in a 9:30am Power Flow. End the week with a Friday day time Restore which will leave you feeling grounded and ready for the weekend.

Check out our full schedule here.

For Local Business group rates, please reach out to us at

Intro Offers are also available for anyone who'd like to trial a few classes first.

10 days of Unlimited Yoga for $30