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Paradise View, Waipu - we attended a yoga retreat and it was amazing!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Kanuka Yoga Space was recently invited to the inaugural Yoga Retreat at Paradise View in Waipu - 1.5 hours drive north of Auckland.

Rachel and Chris of Paradise View hosted the two-day event for lucky members of the yoga community. This couple are living their life-long dream of holding space at this beautiful venue and their passion for wellness through yoga, meditation, and great food is evident in every detail of this luxurious getaway.

The Accommodation:

Paradise View is located a close drive from Waipu township and Langs Beach. The main house, yoga studio, gardens, pool, and spa are tucked away in the hills overlooking Whangarei Heads; the view is truly stunning.

There are rooms of every size to accommodate singles and couples; each beautifully curated with lush furnishings, bounty of natural light, and plenty of privacy to enjoy quiet moments to yourself. The bathrooms are all new, and have a spacious, clean feel; very comfortable! One of the rooms in the main house has an indoor balcony overlooking the dining area and front porch.

The communal spaces are absolutely stunning; cosy spots all around the house to read, meditate and dive into deep conversations. During our stay, the weather was so fantastic that we enjoyed our spare time outside, in the sun and by the pool. However, if the weather wasn't as nice, it's easy to imagine how lovely it would be to relax by the fireplace, in the library (which had hundreds of books and DVDs to choose from) and around the dining area.

The indoor/outdoor flow is expansive and easily invites you to explore the entire property. The large wrap-around deck also allows easy access in / out of private rooms and into the shared spaces; everywhere you look, you're bound to capture the Paradise View.

The Outside Spaces:

Rachel led us on beautiful walking meditation through the grounds, full of gardens, fruit trees, succulents, and art sculptures. The Zen garden, with its' green wall and water feature, encourages a quiet state of mind.

The pool area is spacious enough to fit a big group without feeling crowded at all. Plenty of seating, lounge chairs, shaded areas and deck space to wind down. About 100 metres across the property you'll find the spa area - a full BBQ setup and comfortable outdoor lounge to go alongside the large spa that overlooks this majestic view.

The Yoga Room:

Directly behind the main house, up a very short driveway, is Paradise View's incredible yoga room. This bright, open, and airy space (heat-controlled for winter months) houses all the yoga props you can imagine.

This space was perfect for all the practices we participated in during the weekend: strength-based yoga flows, yoga nidra, acro yoga, thai massage, meditation, and kirtan! Plenty of room for a group of 14 yogis.

There are various shapes / sizes / styles of yoga blocks, high-end yoga mats, meditation cushions and bolsters, straps, chairs, and even yoga wheels for you to explore your practice.

About Chris and Rachel:

Rachel offers her services as a yoga instructor. She specialises in Knoff Yoga, influenced by Iyengar-style teaching. She guided us through a beautiful Buddhist meditation for half an hour which set a quiet, contemplative tone. If you're interested in other styles of yoga, massage or other spiritual offerings at Paradise View - her contacts are vast!

To put it simply, Chris is passionate about tasty, fresh and simple foods put together in a unique and beautiful way. He catered the entire weekend and everyone that attended the retreat were very thankful for his over and above services. You could see the love he poured into each meal, whether it was a light snack to see in the afternoon, or a full course dinner. Can highly recommend his catering services during your stay.


This weekend was all about connection. Rachel brought together a group of retreaters who were brand new to yoga, as well as seasoned facilitators including: Jock and Justin of YogAscend, Victoria Rose Sheridan, Coryn/Jen/Toni of Sista Trio Retreats, Allison Summers. It was a lovely weekend of like-minded individuals sharing their offerings, insights, and good vibes during the full moon; such a great way to begin the year, 2020!

There was still so much to explore and we were wishing we could spend another few days at this beautiful location. Another night in the spa, or dinner outside by their wood-fired pizza oven, or cardio session in their fitness room would easily entertain us for another day or two.

If you're looking for a place to host a getaway, Paradise View is a gorgeous place to consider. We look forward to coming back again soon; to either host, or take part in a magical retreat.

Thanks for reading =)


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