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Unyoked - an adventurous, off-grid cabin awaits

A close friend of ours has helped set up a new off-grid cabin experience in NZ, called Unyoked.

He is kindly offering discounts to creatives and wellness enthusiasts so we'd like to pass on the message for you to enjoy!

*Cabins are currently only available around Auckland / Northland / Waikato region.

As we created Kanuka Yoga Space to encourage people to get outside more, explore nature and connect to mother earth, we feel the Unyoked experience is very much aligned with what we share in the studio.

Here's a message from our friend, Charlie:

"Hey Everyone,

It’s Charlie here. I’m the NZ manager for Unyoked. We’re a global nature company that places in off-grid cabins in epic, remote nature locations. We’ve just touched down in Auckland with a few of hidden locations 2-3 hours from the city.

Unyoked is designed as a natural remedy to stress and anxiety. So, if you’re feeling like you need to reduce those cortisol levels, ditch the phone, and find some space and time to recalibrate, and reconnect with yourself, I think these chill cabin vibes will be for you.

If you're curious to learn more about the special pricing offer, share a couple of details using THIS LINK or if you have any questions please hit me up on

I’ll be sure to get some wilderness into your life, pronto.



A Personal Experience:

Earlier in October I (Stu) was lucky enough to enjoy one of these off-grid experiences in Raglan, and it was AMAZING!

It was definitely off-grid and remote, but very well sign-posted and easy to find. The hike into the cabin was exactly as advertised - 'spicy' - meaning it was a pretty big hill to walk up.

The views and cabin itself made the hilly walk all worth while. It was super easy to get inside, and the cabin was luxurious to say the least. It's simple, but all well thought out and exactly what you need for a few days in the wilderness. Very comfortable and cosy, with a big shower space, hot water, heating, fire pit, two gas hobs and everything you need to prepare beautiful meals, with a mini fridge for storage.

Anyways, I'm keen to go back and explore the other cabins on offer.

My experience was 10/10.

If you're keen to explore and try something a lil different, get in touch with Charlie and he'll sort you out =)

Happy Adventures!

Kanuka Yoga Space


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