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What's Kanuka?

This special tree is a NZ native, found from the coast to the mountains.

It's used to restore lands as it provides shelter for fellow flora to grow.

When used as firewood, it burns with great heat.

It’s strong and especially beautiful in summer when it blooms white flowers.

All the metaphors we couldn’t resist.

Kanuka has been known to restore and enhance some of the coastal walkways and bush fragments around Hobsonville Point. It's all over!

The easiest way to differentiate between Manuka, and Kanuka is by feeling the foliage; Kanuka leaves are soft, Manuka is prickly.

However, they weren't always a picture of positivity. Early NZ settlers battled hard to clear their land of it and regarded Manuka and Kanuka as invasive shrubs that undid all their hard work.

We're glad it all turned out for the best, because we love pretending to practise yoga as though we're 'moving through honey'. The Manuka + Kanuka combo =P


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