Proactive Physiotherapy

Updated: May 15, 2020

If you're looking for some physiotherapy which is local to the Hobsonville area, then look no further than Proactive Physiotherapy in the new (ish) NorthWest shopping complex. Tom Cross leads this clinic; he's a fantastic communicator and you'll leave each session understanding more about your injury and the best method to recover.

I (Stu) recently had a shoulder problem and had Tom took a closer look. Here's a recap of my experience:

Getting started was super easy; first time patients are fully covered by ACC which made the first consultation an easy choice. With plenty of street parking available and a convenient location (next to Nandos in NorthWest) getting to my appoint was a breeze.

After completing a short screening form to let the clinic know about my injury, I started my consultation with Tom. We went through my injury, how it happened, where I felt the pain and how good my range of movement was.

From there, Tom provided an approximate diagnosis of what he felt was going on. The explanation made sense and it helped put my mind at ease; recovery was my main priority and he put forward a few simple steps to help with that journey.

Tom recommended I get an ultrasound to have a closer look at the problem though. This was actually much easier than I first thought and I was really impressed by the ultrasound clinic I went to (called Sound Experience, in Northcote, Auckland).

To finish my session at Proactive, Tom then put together a set of stretches and strength building exercises for me to take home. This was emailed to me with written descriptions and video examples of each exercise. Proactive had the equipment I needed (cost me $6 for the stretch band), I knew exactly what to do, how many reps to complete and how often each day I should do it.

Before I left they booked me in for a follow up appointment and that was it. Easy.

Cheers Tom, and the team at Proactive for a seamless experience.



*Update four months after the sessions - back to full strength in my shoulder, and still doing a few of the exercises to help maintain the strength and mobility =D