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Meet Annah - Kanuka Yoga Teacher

Updated: Jul 2

Meet our yoga instructor, Annah Estelle.

In guiding mindful movement practices to support connection, wellbeing and agency, Annah’s vision is to make these practices more accessible.

Annah has completed a yoga 200HR Teacher Training in India, and Trauma Informed and Community Yoga Trainings (120+hrs). Conjointly, Annah is a practicing social worker, working and volunteering in the community services sector for 7+ years.

Throughout this work Annah has practiced yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Experiencing a range of benefits that a steady yoga practice has offered her throughout the years, Annah is inspired to share her practice and learnt experiences with others. She’s continually exploring the intersections between embodiment practices, well-being enhancement and social change.

Book a class with Annah by using the links below, or visit our online schedule -

West Auckland Yoga Studio, Yoga Classes, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin

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