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Top Notch Massage

Updated: May 15, 2020

Every few weeks, I feel tightness or strain caused by awkward sleeping postures, stress, or pushing myself a little too far in my physical practice (some of my friends would say it's just old age...)

As an avid yoga student, I can often realign and manage any funny tweaks in my body by giving myself some time and space for a bit of free-form yoga... In these moments are when I feel most experienced. Over the last decade, my body has become familiar with the many shapes/asanas alongside building strength and flexibility, so it's easier for me (than for most) to "listen" to what my body needs and safely find that adjustment that will get that satisfying *click* from my hip/neck/spine. Although often times, it only takes a few cat/cows, twists, and chin tucks.

Yoga definitely helps.

But so does massage.

Having a helping hand guide your body into realignment is a great option for those who need a bit more support or relief (and who doesn't?!)

The other week, I pushed myself a bit too far with hip openers (coupled with some work-related stress) that resulted with my lower back becoming too tight and then that stiffness moved up towards my neck (limiting my back bends and heart openers) My movement was quite restricted.

Within a few days, I managed to get my body back to 85% through my own yoga practice - by keeping it to Restore classes and a gentle flow. However, I reached out to Anj from TopNotch to help me relax a few more muscles to get my full mobility back.

Holy. Moly.

I've had all types of massages: luckily 40 minute chair massages every two weeks (which I have opened up my shoulders more than I could do on my own,) Thai massage when I can convince Stu, "relaxing" or Swedish massage when I find it on discount...

But this was my first time receiving a therapeutic massage from someone with osteopathic knowledge. Wow.

Anj intuitively focused on areas of my legs and back which I didn't realise where holding knots (I learned where my abductors are...) She knew the perfect amount of pressure to apply (firm for me) and ended my hour session with more attention to the collarbone/chest area to help relax and de-stress.

If you're trying to reduce pain, or considering to improve flexibility, relaxation, and re-alignment, then I believe a combination of yoga, massage, physio, or osteo will help you through the process more efficiently.

I couldn't recommend Top Notch's services more - they take a truly holistic approach and are results-based for your health and well-being. They also have an amazing network of health professionals and are happy to recommend osteo or physio services if massage may not be the best fit...



To make it easy, here is her contact information:

Anj - Owner Top Notch Osteopathy & Massage Therapy


Email: Ph: 09 2128753 or 021 1818380


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