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Two Intro Offers You Can Try!

Try out one, or both of our Intro Offer at Kanuka Yoga Space.

We have two fantastic options you can look at which will give you access to our regular, weekly yoga class schedule:

  1. Ten consecutive days of unlimited yoga for only $30

  2. One Month Unlimited (to kick start your routine) for only $99

We have 21+ classes each week and 8+ teachers so there is plenty of options for you to choose from. We always recommend trying as many different class styles and teachers as possible; find a routine that works for you!

Choose Your Intro Offer

(you can try both)

Two Intro Offers for Yoga Classes at Kanuka Yoga in Auckland

Intro Offer Terms:

  • The 10 Day Unlimited pass - the ten days are consecutive

  • Each Intro Offer available as a one-time purchase per yogi

  • Intro Offers include access to all regular classes listed on our schedule (excluding special Workshops/Events)

  • All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable

Special Offer During Your Intro Offer:

During either Intro Offer, you are welcome to receive 20% off any one of our regular passes. See below for an example of using the discount:

A 10 Class Pass:

Regular price is $220 - works out to be $22 per class

20% off is $176 - works out to be $17.60 per class

(this particular pass is valid for four months)

Or, an Unlimited Six Monthly Pass:

Regular price is $700 - practice twice a week and you'll exchange $14.60 per class

20% off is $560 - practice twice a week and you'll exchange $11.70 per class

>> If you were to practice three times a week, it would cost $7.80 per class<<

All pricing is available from our website, Kanuka Yoga Space

Yoga Classes at boutique yoga studio in Hobsonville, Auckland

What Sort Of Classes Are Available?

We have a wide range of class styles for you to choose from. Check out our blog post which covers each class description in more detail:

Test the waters with our - Slow Flow, Power Flow, Yin, Restore and Yin/Yang; all of which are influenced by vinyasa, hatha and yin/yang styles of yoga.

We also offer Yogalates; a beautiful fusion between yoga and mat pilates.

Enjoy the high, exposed ceilings, oak flooring, abundance of plants, freshly brewed tea and all the calming vibes you need to slow down during your busy weeks.

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us on our social platforms, or reach out to us at

We look forward to practicing with you soon =)

Kanuka Yoga Space in Auckland, New Zealand


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