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About Yin Yoga

Updated: May 15, 2020

We’ve listened to your request for a Yin only class and....

We’re excited to add YIN to the schedule on Thursday evenings at 7pm, with Carol Jardine. If you enjoy your Restore - we encourage you to also give Yin a go.

Thursday evenings at Kanuka Yoga are now 5.45pm Slow Flow, followed by 7pm Yin.


YIN is a restorative, meditative practice consisting of long held stretches (without muscle tension) focusing on the deeper tissues of our body; encouraging more flexibility and freedom of movement while releasing deep tension of the body and softening the nervous system.

Carol Jardine trained with Markus & Karen of Yin Therapy and Jo Phee of @yinspirationyinyoga. Both are senior assistants to the founder of Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley (find out about Paul's Yin Yoga training here).


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