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Friday Night Groove with Moving Rivers

We're excited to welcome Jasmine (Moving Rivers) back into the studio for Friday Night Groove!

An open level adults introductory dance class.

Friday Night Groove

with Moving Rivers

When - Friday, 23rd Feb

Time - 7pm - 8.30pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Jasmine Donald; Moving Rivers

Exchange - Sliding Scale - $10 - $40

Or, email

Friday Night Groove - an evening of dance movement

Our pricing for this event is done on a sliding scale, meaning you can pay what you want to attend based on your circumstances. Keeping in mind our time and energy it takes to create and facilitate this event and, more importantly, for Jasmine to host and facilitate this evening.

We suggest a Koha of $25 for this event which is equivalent to a casual yoga class.

Or, email

What To Expect

This Friday Night Groove class is a movement class meets dance party! With a specially designed playlist and easy fun movement pathways curated for you to find confidence and flow in your body.

Jasmine will share fun, easy moves and grooves for you to take home and practice in your living room, or with your friends on the dance floor.

With a 15 minute warm up including MnB (Muscle and bone, Mind and Body), foundations from pilates and yoga and breathing exercises. You will then experience a guided improvisational journey, where you can explore your own rhythm and essence. Providing pathways and provocations for your own free movement. You will be supported and guided into each movement exercise. With foundations in contemporary dance, and pulling from inspiration from hip hop, qigong and tribal fusion. Jasmine’s intention is to give you ideas and inspiration for moving with your mind and body that can support and develop your own relationship with your body and dance. We will play with dynamic movement processes including- pace, textures, visualization, movement quality, musicality and individual flow. This is a ‘go at your own pace’ space for you to openly explore.

We will finish with a little open floor style dance party, to have a good boogie and to integrate what you learnt during the class.

We hope you will come away feeling embodied and inspired. 

What To Bring

  • Warm, comfortable clothing to move and dance in

  • A water bottle (we have cups and water available at the studio)

About Jasmine Donald

Jasmine is a mover;- in dance, sound, energy and breath. Bridging the two worlds of performing and healing arts. Creating space for individual, partnered and group embodiment work.

Using her professional training in contemporary dance and over ten years experience in meditation and intuitive development she helps others embody and remember their innate nature and purpose.

An evening of dance movement with Jasmine Donald

Jasmine has completed a degree in dance at Unitec Auckland, level 1 and 2 certification in 'Energy Medicine Facilitation' with Phillipe Atman, and a certification in the foundations of Miri Miri and Romi Romi with Jolie Davis.

Currently Jasmine is a Facilitator, Dance Teacher, Energy Healer and Movement Mentor.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

We look forward to hosting you in the studio soon.


Kanuka Yoga Space

Boutique yoga studio in Hobsonville, Northwest Auckland

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