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Kanuka Yoga 2024 Class Themes

Updated: Jan 30

To provide coherence throughout all our classes, we invite the Kanuka teaching team to think about yoga themes, to discover what each theme means to them (i.e. themes like expansion, or grounding), and to then share that unique perspective with students at Kanuka Yoga.

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To give you something to look forward to, here are the themes we have planned for 2024:

January: Beginner’s Mind 🧠

February: Gratitude ❤️

March: Find your Center 🧿

Yama & Niyamas

April: Ahimsa & Satya (Non-violence & Truth)

May: Asteya & Brahmacharya (Non-stealing & Non-excess)

June: Aparigraha - Saucha (Non-attachment & Cleanliness)

July: Santosha & Tapas (Contentment & Discipline)

August: Svadhhyaya & Isvara Pranidhana (Self-study & Surrender)

September: Hands, Feet, & Mudras 🙌🏽

November: 30 Day Challenge 🏆

December: Grounding ⛰️

Ideas For Intention Setting in a Yoga Class:

Setting intentions in a yoga class can help create a focused and meaningful practice for both the instructor and participants. Here are some ideas for setting intentions in your next yoga class with us (in no particular order):

  • Gratitude: Practicing gratitude for your body, the yoga practice itself, and gratitude for the present moment. You could practice being thankful for your physical abilities (however they currently are for you) and the opportunity to practice yoga.

  • Presence: Your intention for your practice could be 'Presence'. Cultivate presence and mindfulness throughout the practice. Practice the idea of 'letting go' - for example, letting go of outside distractions and give yourself permission to focus on your breath and sensations in each posture.

  • Self-Compassion: Feel encouraged to practice self-compassion and kindness toward yourself. Remind yourself that it's okay to honor any limitations you might have and avoid pushing yourself too hard.

  • Strength: Set an intention to cultivate inner strength, both physically and mentally. Invite yourself to tap into an inner reservoir of strength to navigate challenges on and off the mat.

  • Release: Similar to the idea of 'letting go' mentioned above. Set an intention to release and let go of physical or emotion tension that is not serving you. Letting go of tension you might be holding onto. The first part of this intent is to simply notice what's going on and if you can even notice stresses or tension in the body; even if you can't feel it directly, it's important to understand that stresses and tension can hide itself well in the body and mind, and whether we like it or not, it's around us quite often. Use your breath to help with this awareness and release; let go with each breath.

  • Balance: Finding balance on and off the yoga mat. Understanding the importance of balancing effort with ease, work with relaxation, and stability with flexibility. Being intention to balance your practice.

  • Openness: Create an intention to cultivate an open heart and open mind. Be receptive to new experiences, ideas, and perspectives, and keep reminding yourself (with your teachers support) to return to your intention throughout your practice.

  • Patience: Set an intention to practice patience and surrender to the natural flow of the practice. Remind yourself that progress takes time and that it's important to honor your individual journey.

  • Connection: Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, perhaps with others in the class (if the situation allows), and a deeper connection with the broader world. Understanding the interconnectedness of all beings and shared energy in the room. Even if you don't feel connected to yourself or the outside world, image what this open connection with yourself or the outside world might look or feel like.

There's also ideas like healing, joy, focus, clarity and resilience that you could weave into your practice. Approaching each class with a specific idea or theme, and perhaps that theme rolls into your own 'at-home' practice or meditations. This is where the theme and idea becomes stronger, has more clarity and can become part of your truth and purpose.

Another way you might like to think about 'Intention' is - where am I placing my 'Attention'?

Feel free to adapt and personalise these ideas to create a meaningful and transformative experience for your next Yoga class.

Thanks for practicing with us.

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