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Meet Anita

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We're excited to introduce you to Anita Clelland!

You may recognise her as one of your fellow students - she has been a member of Kanuka Yoga Space for two years (recently attending her 200th class!) or from the neighbourhood - she's a Hobsonville local :)

Anita’s personal yoga journey goes back many years to a time when life was challenging, and yoga helped greatly to understand the benefits of breath and movement, and the positive effect this can have on the mind.

Anita has lived in Hobsonville for 20 years, and joined Kanuka to expand her own personal practice and try different classes. The wonderful sense of community and teachers inspired Anita to embark on a Yoga Teacher Training Course with Rise Yoga which completely changed her approach to yoga and embody her asana practice –

“I am more intuitive and kinder on myself now, and not trying so much to achieve the perfect pose – and for that, I am so much happier and at peace with yoga as part of my everyday life.”

Music is a huge part of Anita’s yoga offer as she feels the body moves instinctively to the sounds, and loves the vibe this can bring to a class.

Anita continues her yoga practice away from home as well, and loves spending time with friends and family in beautiful Mangawhai Heads where she has a permanent spot and “Happy Place” for her 1978 retro caravan.

You can join Anita on Wednesdays at 5:45pm for an energising Power Flow.


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