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Meet Reha - Kanuka Yoga Teacher

Meet our yoga instructor, Reha Kumar.

She has kindly written a few words for us:

"Namaste, my name is Reha. Yoga for me is an embodiment of my ancestors and my Indian culture which informs who I am on and off the mat.

I was introduced to Yoga initially as a child at my families local Sevashram Sangha Temple, by Swami Sanyuktanand, who would teach me everyday after school the essence of yoga from history, and philosophy to poses. My practice of yoga spans over 20 years at least but I will forever be a student.

Kanuka Yoga teacher, Reha Kumar

I have a background in Psychology and Behaviour Therapy and a passion for culturally respectful education of sacred practices and achieving positive mental health outcomes in the community. After completing my 200-Hr Teacher Training 3 years ago, I have been on a mission to teach yoga from an indigenous perspective rooted in evidence-based approaches. My teaching experience is in Vinyasa, Hatha, Nidra, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Power (&Hot) Yoga.

I guide with an invitation of yoga for any body and every body. My values lay in community, safety, accessibility, and inclusivity. I am excited to be sharing this practice and my knowledge of indigenous representation of yoga to everyone. In my spare time I enjoy reading, baking and nature walks. My only restriction to practising non-attachment is my fur baby, Jasper, who is my entire world."

If you'd like to follow Reha's journey online, her Instagram page is - @rekkha_yoga

Visit one of Reha's upcoming classes at the studio:

Thanks for practicing with us.

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