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Her Return - Women's Day Retreat - Our Memories

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Her Return is a special Day Retreat hosted by Megan Blennerhassett at Kanuka Yoga Space and the surrounding areas. Here are the memories of that special day:

On a sunny, summer morning we met at the studio and after a few nerves and introductions, we quickly formed a strong group connection. Holding hands we made a circle, breathing together and even chanting a few rounds of a mantra Megan led (for removing obstacles and a safe passage).

We departed for our nature walk at Riverhead Forest!

Upon arrival at the forest, we practiced shifting gears into a receptive feminine energy, slowing down, enjoying our senses and allowing the quiet forest to bathe and soothe our nervous systems.

Letting go of too much structure, an intuitive meander had us discover the simple joys and pleasure of the forest; the peaceful quiet, the gentle sound of wind in the tree tops, the soft ‘carpeted’ forest floor (pine needles), the tall pines, plant life... and after some time walking we stopped in a shaded glade.

Megan led a qigong practice (breath and movement to increase sensitivity) connecting us even more deeply to ourselves, each other and the environment. We all enjoyed some free time to sit, meditate or explore.

It was a hot summer day and it was pure pleasure sitting in the long wet grasses to hydrate our bodies. We were even visited by a Tomtit bird that flew in and sang us a song. One of our sisters had become unwell and we looked after her throughout the time.

Back at the studio lunch had arrived and everyone appreciated the fresh, colourful food from Succulent Cakes NZ and iced kombucha. After lunch Megan led a Shakti Slow Flow focused around the sacral chakra and tension release.

Soon it was time for our Cacao Ceremony; a chance to enjoy a delicious, shared drink together and honour Nature and the beauty of the heart. Special music accompanied a guided inner journey for healing and balancing.

From this space we partnered with a sister and practiced Eye Gazing. A powerful guided practice. This ended in a few tears of joy and realisation, to see and be seen, a returning home to true nature. It was nourishing and integrating to continue working with our partner and then as a group unpacking our experience, discussing blocks on the path and affirming our Truths!

The grand finale of the day was a Yoga Nidra deep relaxation. But first, in a gesture of Self-love and care we made a beautiful ‘nest’ for Yoga Nidra out of comfy studio props and special personal items brought for the session. We even adorned our nest with wildflowers we’d collected from the forest!

After anointing ourselves with essential oil and relaxing into our ‘nests’ Megan guided us through deep relaxation-meditation. Feeling even more released and returned we came together one last time to close our sister circle in deep gratitude for each other and Nature.

It was a very connecting and restorative time together and everyone wished we had longer - so next time we might make it a weekend long event!

Thank-you for reading our memories.


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