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Prenatal Yoga - Five-Week Series

Our next five-week Prenatal Yoga series will begin this April.

Carol will be guiding a new group of expecting Mamas - one hour each week to explore gentle movements, breath connection and guided visualisations.

Prenatal Yoga Series

Five-Week Series

Begins - Tuesday, 23rd April

Time - 7pm - 8pm Weekly

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

Exchange - $120 for full Term

Or, email

Prenatal Yoga at Kanuka Yoga Space

Learn a full spectrum of support tools to meet your changing physical and emotional needs.

Experience uplifting, slow movement practices to gain flexibility and openness in the body. Bring awareness to your back as you strengthen this area in a gentle way, supporting your changing body as you cultivate space for your growing baby.

Breath work is accompanied with guided meditations to prepare for your birthing day and leave you feeling grounded, calm and fully relaxed.

These classes will help you calm your mind, whilst safely toning/strengthening the body in preparation for labor and birth. Classes are aimed to help relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy,

It's also a fantastic way to meet and connect with other mums-to-be in the area.

What To Bring?

We have all props at the studio for you to use, however, to make your experience more comfortable, here are a few ideas of things you could bring:
  • A blanket (that you can place over our mats, or over our bolsters)

  • A cushion (if you have a preferred one at home)

  • A journal / pen if you enjoy reflections

  • A small token or crystal - this can serve as a beautiful reminder of your practice back in your home environment

About Carol Jardine

As a devoted mother herself Carol is passionate about the support yoga offers the body and mind during this beautiful, transformative time in your life. She offers nourishing and gentle classes designed to support mothers-to-be.

You can learn more about our Prenatal Yoga teacher, Carol, using this link.

About Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is recognised as an effective and safe practice, and is one of the most valuable self-care regimes you can participate in during this special and important time.

Prenatal Yoga in Auckland, New Zealand

To learn more about Prenatal Yoga at Kanuka Yoga Space, follow this link to our useful 'About Prenatal Yoga' blog post.

You can look forward to a quiet and introspective hour to wind down your day. All props, tea, soothing smells/sounds and calming vibes provided!

We look forward to sharing space with you soon =)


Kanuka Yoga Space

Prenatal Yoga Series


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