About Prenatal Yoga Classes

Updated: Oct 8

Congratulations on the new human addition to the family!

We think it's great you're considering yoga for your health and wellness during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga is recognised as an effective and safe practice, and is one of the most valuable self-care regimes you can participate in during this special and important time.

Cultivate a sacred space to grow and bond with your baby, preparing for birthing day. Expect slow, gentle movement, with guided meditations to leave you grounded and calm.

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Kanuka Yoga offer weekly Prenatal Classes for expecting Mamas:

When - Tuesdays, 7.30-8.30pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Laura McKenzie

Anyone with a current Kanuka Yoga pass can attend (excl Intro Offers).

Or, $24 per casual drop-in class.

All props, tea and calming vibes are provided.

If you cannot attend our prenatal classes, you can still practice in our other regular weekly sessions...

Please Note:

We don’t recommend doing an active practice until you're 12 weeks along. It's best to begin with Restore classes for now. Please always let the teacher know you’re pregnant so he/she can suggest alternative poses.

Generally speaking, it's advised to avoid deep forward folds and twists (don't want to compress your baby's space too much).

Kanuka Yoga recommends Restore and Slow Flow classes led by the following teachers who have experience with prenatal yoga; Laura McKenzie & Carol Jardine.

Feedback from a Kanuka student:

"It is so great to have a class dedicated to us mums to be and Laura is fantastic. I liked knowing what sort of poses and movement were good and why, and it is helping me in more generic yoga classes too (knowing what's good for my body, how it will help through pregnancy etc). 

I've been to Laura's other classes and she always asks me how I am, if I have any concerns, is anything causing me pain/discomfort that she should be aware of. I feel really looked after and I really appreciate this attention; I know I'm in safe hands."

Yoga is a great outlet for exercise and bringing peace to mind during your pregnancy.

We welcome you and your baby bump into our space =)