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Our Memories: Wellness By The Water at Elijah Blue

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

After two postponed dates due to Auckland lockdowns, we were over the moon to finally host our first Wellness By The Water event at Elijah Blue; we couldn't be happier with the outcome. It was a full house =)

Hands up who enjoyed the event???

An absolutely stunning morning on Auckland's West Harbour, overlooking the boats and ocean, with hanging plants accompanying us during the morning yoga practice.

Raquel Minh started off the morning with a gentle vinyasa class, taking time to warm up the body and building up a bit of heat as the practice progressed. Her intention was themed around the Sacral Chakra, that which is associated with the water element; our energy centre of feelings, emotions, creativity and warmth.

During the class, we were lucky enough to have Stu J sharing his acoustic melodies, singing bowls and rainstick sounds. Calming vibrations for the group as everyone turned their focus inwards to their own movements, and their breath. Some of soundtracks included a version 'Stairway to Heaven', and Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah'.

After class our guest speakers, Triona Daly and Katherine Matthews, shared a quick hello and introduction about themselves before making our way to the tables. Before any could bat an eyelid, the delightful smells of our fresh, Elijah Blue breakfast were drawing closer - time to eat =)

With our bodies feeling open, minds relaxed, and bellies full it was time for our amazing guest speakers to do their thing. Sharing time at each table, our guests were able to engage with everyone in a relaxed way, opening up more of a conversation instead of a presentation.

A leading naturopathic clinician, nutritionist and medical herbalist based in Auckland and Tauranga.

Katherine shared her experiences with fasting; learning from one of the best naturopathic facilities in America and bringing her wealth of knowledge to the event. We learnt what is actually involved in a naturopathic consultation with Katherine, the common causes for people to place more attention on their overall health, how fasting is a unique prescription that varies a lot between people, what fasting can actually do for the physical body along with how gut health is so closely linked to mental health.

Katherine (left) and Triona (right)

Co-owner of Green Goddess; a company in Hobsonville that specialises in totally natural products that are toxin free, health promoting and eco conscious.

After a traumatic fire incident over in America, Triona's family moved back to New Zealand and setup life on a lifestyle block, with an intention to further their knowledge of the land, growing produce and living a life free of common, toxic chemicals found in our waterways, our food, our clothing.... almost everywhere it seems.

Triona shared a lot of her favourite natural remedies, from weed killers to fabric softeners. Being cautious with the amount of plastic in our lives, how to get a better nights sleep and reduce anxiety, and the best way to drink purified water on a daily basis.

You can learn more about these topics by visiting the Green Goddess Blog.

Here's a relevant one from Sunday's talk:

Lastly, a huge thank-you to the team at Elijah Blue. They were super accommodating and provided exceptional service throughout the morning. The location is absolutely stunning, so be sure to pop in and visit them next time you're in West Harbour and looking for something new and different to try.

We will continue our efforts to promote local business and shine a light on the amazing venues, people and knowledge our community has to offer.

With that in mind, if you attended Wellness By The Water we would love for you to share your experience with any of our hosts of the day; a simple thumbs up, or review can go a long way in these modern times =)

If you didn't attend this event, feel free to follow us online and sign-up to the next one.

Thanks for practicing with us.


Kanuka Yoga Space


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