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An Evening of Kirtan at Kanuka Yoga Space

Updated: 6 days ago

Tune into the healing and heart opening rhythms and harmonies.

Get ready to be inspired and held in the loving vibration of heart-centred songs.

Join us for a magical candlelit evening of meditation and kirtan with Megan, Sarah and Tracey.

An Evening of Kirtan, Hobsonville Auckland

An Evening of Kirtan

When - Tuesday, December 19th

Time - 7.30pm - 9pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space - Hobsonville, Auckland

With - Megan, Sarah and Tracey

Exchange - Sliding Scale - $20 - $50

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Let’s bring more compassion, peace and harmony onto our planet. If you are new to Kirtan, come discover another way to meditate!

Starting with a meditation, you will be guided to ground and centre within. Following this, the very talented Sarah and Tracey will guide us into Kirtan...

What is Kirtan

Kirtan is a form of 'musical yoga' where we connect through sound and sing our hearts open together (knowing that singing is optional, you can attend and just listen).

Kirtan is slightly different to 'chanting', as kirtan incorporates instruments in a call and response style of sound between the vocalist and attendees.

An evening of Kirtan at Kanuka Yoga Space

Practicing kirtan with a large group has the added sound vibration from the instruments and mulitple voices, making the practice an unforgettable experience.

What to Expect

Using this ‘call and response’ style, Sarah will lead chants and mantras. Through repetition you will become familiar with the words and feel progressively more open and released as you let go to the flow - a feeling of unity and expansion!

You don’t have to be the greatest singer, or even a singer at all to be there. Whether you like singing or music, this is an opportunity to come experience uplifting and heart-opening sounds.

Raise your vibration for the festive season ahead!

What to Bring

You can expect to be mostly seated for this event. As always, you can create your space with as many cusions, blankets as possible and our hosts will guide to feel as comfortable as you can.

  • Wear something warm and comfortable

  • Hot tea will be provided

  • Perhaps bring a journal and pen if your own that enjoys to reflect

  • You're welcome to bring a crystal or small token/item from home; this may help to set an intention for your evening.

If you have any questions or concerns ahead of the night, message us on our social channels or email

About Your Hosts

Sarah was introduced to kirtan in 2002 at a Yoga Retreat Centre in Canada when she was a budding singer-songwriter. Returning to NZ several years later with a yoga teaching certificate, she facilitated this music aspect of yoga for over a decade in Auckland before moving to the Bay of Plenty.

An evening of Kirtan at Kanuka Yoga Space

Sarah, also known as Premratna, has taught kirtan on yoga teacher training programmes, and loves to share the healing experience of singing hearts open with both beginners and those more experienced.

Tracey’s current area of interest and personal development is in chanting and studying The Bhagavad Gīta. She started to study Sanskrit in 2014 and studied Mantra with Russill Paul who is the author of “Yoga of Sound”.

An evening of Kirtan at Kanuka Yoga Space

As a kirtanist and previously a student of Hindustani classical music with Sargam School of Music, she is passionate about sound and how this can be a valuable therapeutic tool for personal development and communication.

Megan has been a teacher and student of yoga for 20 years and teaches at Kanuka Yoga Space along with other venues in West Auckland.

An evening of Kirtan at Kanuka Yoga Space

She met Sarah when they studied under the same teacher and attended Satsang (gatherings) and Kirtan together. She is a passionate and intuitive teacher and embraces the different streams of yoga as merging pathways to the heart.

We look forward to sharing space with you this December in our cosy studio space.


Boutique Yoga studio in Auckland, New Zealand

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