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Studio Etiquette at Kanuka Yoga

Updated: Jun 19

To all our Kanuka community - we love having you in the studio space and are so grateful to share a passion for wellness, yoga and other practices with you all.

As we strive to make the space welcoming and accessible to all, please take a moment to read through our latest in-studio etiquette so you're best prepared for classes in the studio.

Firstly, always check our up-to-date class schedule on the website for class times and teachers updates.

Best Practice For Attending Classes:

  • Please arrive at least 10 / 15 minutes early to every class you attend.

  • If it's your first time - please give yourself plenty of time to actually find the studio! Parking info here.

  • Check your phone is switched off, or you can leave it in your car - digital detox!

  • Once the teacher flips the front door sign saying, 'Class In Session', it means class has started and you will need to attend the next available class with us.

  • Take care when using our props before class, and neatly placing them where you found them at the end of class.

  • Please remove your shoes on entry, and before you start walking around the studio.

We have created the studio space as a safe environment for you to switch off and connect deeper with your breath and your movements. Please be courteous of others around you in the moments before and after class.

As always, our teachers are available to answer any questions you may have and after classes are usually the best time to enjoy conversation with your fellow yogis.

Not Feeling 100%?

  • If you're feeling unwell please stay at home.

  • If you're more comfortable still wearing a mask, that's totally fine.

  • We have hand soap and sanitiser available for you to clean hands when needed.

  • You can bring your own mat and other props from home, or use what we have in the studio (we have mat spray available for you to use after classes).

Managing Your Bookings

  • If you have booked, but are unsure whether you can make class, please release your booking on Momence and only book when you are 100% confirmed.

  • Walk-ins are accepted, however if the class is full then you may have to attend the next class, but we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Cancellation Guideline:

Any cancellations two hours prior to class starting will be credited back to your account.

Looking for a yoga mat and/or props?

Check our latest partnerships for some special pricing, and to support local businesses:

  • You can even top up your tea with TeaTotal - receive 15% off using code 'Kanuka' (excl accessories)

  • Plus our other amazing products available in-studio; camping mugs, tote bags, palo santo and essential oils - click here to view.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for practicing with us =)


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