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Intro Offer + Private Lesson

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It's awesome you're interested in learning more about yoga and creating a new practice in your life.

To support you in your yoga journey, we have a Kanuka Yoga Pass which includes:

  • Intro Offer (10 days of unlimited yoga)

  • One 60 minute Private Lesson

$115 for Intro Offer + Private Lesson

Email us at

We will email/call you for a short consultation and setup your account.

Kanuka Yoga Space has a great team of teachers who create classes to support your health and wellbeing. Students often turn towards yoga to create more pathways to relaxation, strength, flexibility, and community.

You can learn more about our yoga classes within the studio HERE.

We always recommend joining our space with an Intro Offer. This pass gives you access to all our regular weekly classes like Restore, Slow Flow, Power Flow, YinYang, and Yin. You can trial classes, teaching styles, and times that work best for you over 10 days.

If you'd like some 1:1 attention, you may want to consider a private lesson along with your Intro Offer. Our amazing teachers are very well-rounded and are specialised in various fields.

Some reasons you may want to consider a private lesson:

  • Transitioning into a group class setting

  • Understand modifications to poses which suit your body best

  • Accomodate for any injuries

  • Explore with studio props

  • Deeper focus on breath (pranayama) or meditation

  • Pregnant or Post-natal

  • Learn yogic philosophy tailored to your journey

  • Open dialogue and feedback

This pass includes your 10 consecutive days of yoga classes, a short consultation via email or phone to chat through your intentions of a private lesson, and a 60min 1:1 lesson with a designated teacher based on your needs.

$115 for Intro Offer + Private Lesson

Email us at

We will email/call you for a short consultation and book your private lesson.

Also, you will have access to 20% off your next yoga pass and we have partnerships with retailers if you'd like to order any yoga equipment for your practice.

Thanks for considering us for your yoga practice.


Kanuka Yoga Space


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