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Create Your Home Practice Space - Tips for LiveStreaming at Home

Making time for your yoga practice at home takes some attention and discipline - be kind to yourself with where you're at in the journey!

A few minutes each day to breathe and move mindfully is a great benefit... soon, you'll find yourself practicing with more focus, for longer, because it feels GOOD and not because you feel you have to.

We of course love a yoga practice, however you may get your mindful movement in anyway you like; in any case, it's important to have some sort of space at home for your movement.

Why does it feel good to move? A big part of it is endorphins!

These are the feel good chemicals found in all of us. They help reduce pain and boost pleasure; meaning they feel good!

How do we get this endorphin release? When we intentionally put our bodies through a stressor (a yoga practice, a weight session, a run, a swim, a walk, even eating) we are creating that stress for the body to allow for an endorphin release.

That's why some type of home practice; no matter what it is, is so beneficial! Take time to create an environment at home that supports your mindful breath and movement.

Perhaps you start with a 15min meditation or a 20min chair yoga session... build up to a 30min Slow Flow or 45min Power Flow, and then join a 1hr class or 75min YinYang class for more variety.

Tailor your schedule to suit your needs for the week, and avoid the need to overdo it; it can be hard to motivate yourself for a full hour workout when you're low energy, therefore it's better to do 5 minutes of something, than nothing at all.

One of the most beautiful things about your home practice is that you can be as comfortable as you'd like in your own space, without being influenced by others' practice. Perhaps you take a break in class, skip a pose, add something else, or only join for the warm-up and take an extended savasana... our teachers always say "choose your own variation" and we mean it!

Best Ways To Create Your Home Practice Space:

Here are some things we've learnt about creating your own home practice and it all starts with the physical space:

Find Your Space

Take a walk around your house and picture yourself practicing there regularly:

  • Is it a space you can have to yourself?

  • Can you leave some things setup there, ready to go?

  • Can you find some quiet there?

  • Enough space to move your body around and stretch up and out?

If the above isn't possible, chat with the people in your home and find the best times that suit everyone; possibly when others are out for a walk or running errands.

Organise Your Space

To create a sense of spaciousness and calm you can tidy the area and shift things out of your direct sight. Some people like hanging art or you might be lucky enough to have a suitable tapestry; a plant or two can be comforting; a trinket that is special to you can raise the vibe in your surrounding space. A candle, incense, or essential oils nearby can also make your practice more welcoming.

You don't need to do anything over-the-top, however some simple attention to your physical environment can make a big difference to how you show up for your practice; less is more.

Choose Your Routine

Before you start each practice, you may like to light a candle, put some music on or enjoy a cup of tea. Creating a little ritual can be magical! It can also be as simple as paying attention to the steps to get setup (mat down first with care, playlist selection, and patiently waiting for livestream to begin).

It's a great way to help you 'arrive' into your practice at home.

Using Props

You probably won't have a full range of yoga props to use at home...

The good news is you can get creative and find alternate options around your home!

A stool, blankets, towels, pillows, cushions, thick books, scarfs and tennis balls can all be used to your advantage.

Have these at the ready so you don't have to go searching the house before each practice. Alternatively, you can explore how poses feel without props. This requires you to tune into your body and move safely within your boundaries... a great opportunity to build your body-mind-spirit connection!

If you'd like to see some amazing deals on yoga equipment, have a look at our retail partnerships =)

Best Tips for LiveStreaming Yoga Classes from Home

OK, so you have your home practice space setup.

Now, here's how to get the most out of your LiveStream yoga classes from your favourite online instructors.

This mostly comes down to the screen you're watching on, and where the sound is coming from.

For me personally (Stu, from Kanuka Yoga), my smartphone screen is too small so I use my smartphone to play music through my UE Boom.

I use my laptop for the yoga class, and make test the teacher's voice volume to make sure I can hear both my music, and the cues.

I love to say hello in the comments when I take part in a class; let them know about your experience as this is the best way to receive a better, more tailored class in future.

If you're tech savvy and have a Google Chromecast or the correct cables, you can definitely link your smartphone or laptop to a big screen and enjoy your class that way.

There are many options to choose from; pick what works for you and do your thing =)

Ready to begin your home practice?

Our private, online yoga community would love for you to join!

Thanks for practicing with us.


Kanuka Yoga Space


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