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20% Off Unlimited Yoga!

Sign-up for a Yoga Subscription at Kanuka Yoga and you will receive 20% off our regular monthly pricing!

What is the difference between and a regular Unlimited Monthly Pass and the 20% Off Monthly Unlimited Subscription?

One is a single, one-off purchase - One Month Unlimited Pass for $170

The other is a subscription purchase; i.e. an auto-renewing pass that gives you 20% off our regular pricing. So, instead of $170 per month, you only pay $136 per month for Unlimited Yoga at the studio in Hobsonville. The subscription is a bit like a 'membership'.

There is no lock-in contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Plus, you'll also receive unlimited access to our online, on-demand yoga platform called, Kanuka Home Practice. Practice in the studio, or from the comfort of your own home.

20% off unlimited yoga

Join as a Kanuka Yoga subscription member and receive 20% off our regular pass price. Payments are made monthly and your account is automatically updated, so all you need to do is book your class in advance.

Please Note - there is a small 2.9% card processing fee which is added to your monthly cost.

You can cancel anytime, just have a chat with us about your situation.

One Month Unlimited Subscription - $136


Sign-Up Online

Or, email us at

You can also ring Stu or Raquel - 027 6KANUKA (0276 526 852)

With all good things, there are a few basic terms to let you know about:

Kanuka Yoga Subscriptions:

Enjoy unlimited yoga at Kanuka Yoga Space by paying a monthly sub.

Prices mentioned exclude the small surcharge from Stripe. They charge 2.9% per card transaction, and 30 cents per successful transaction; this goes straight to Stripe. Subscriptions give you a 20% discount on our regular unlimited pricing. Cancel at any time. Cancellations must be done on your online account or via email;

Subs are non-refundable, i.e. if you cancel your sub and have 20 days left to go you are not entitled to any money back; therefore you can cancel anytime and you'll be left with a certain number of days on your account.

A $20 loading fee may apply if you cancel a subscription, and then sign-up again.

Subs will run for 12 months and are set to auto-renew using the card details provided by the yogi, unless another agreement is in writing with Kanuka Yoga.

Thanks for practicing with us =)

Yoga Subscription at Kanuka Yoga Space

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