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A neighbourly yoga studio and wellness space based in Hobsonville, Auckland, with group classes influenced by vinyasa, hatha, yin, pilates and other wellness practices.

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Power Flow

Strength-based, energetic classes meant to raise the internal heat. Great for vinyasa and hatha lovers.

Opportunity to challenge your flexibility and balance.

Learn More About Power Yoga


Slow Flow

More time between poses to help open and deepen your practice. Expect a few extra alignment cues during your poses and learn how props can benefit your practice.

Learn More About Slow Yoga



Priority is healing and resting the mind and body. Best for those with the intention to relax and de-stress. All props are used here, suitable for beginners and experienced students.

Learn More About Restore Yoga


Yin Yang

A creative practice incorporating dual energies to move towards a sense of wholeness. Expect time in grounded, seated shapes, then moving into a more dynamic sequence.

Learn More About Yin/Yang Yoga



A slow practice consisting of long held poses & focusing on deep connective tissues. Bring awareness to body's subtle energetic systems as your release deep tension and soothe the nervous system.

Learn More About Yin Yoga



A beautiful blend of pilates strength alongside a yoga sequence.


Develop better physique and posture by strengthening the core and toning specific muscle groups. 

Learn More About Yogalates

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Next Five Week Series

Begins Tues, 23rd April

7pm - 8pm Weekly

with Carol Jardine

Experience uplifting, slow movements to gain flexibility and openness in the body.


Support your changing body as you cultivate space for your growing baby. 

No previous experience required.

Join Our Next Prenatal Yoga Series

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Ten Week Series

Begins Thurs, 14th March

1pm - 2pm Weekly

Mums + Bubs Yoga Series

Classes are best suited for little ones who are not yet crawling and mothers who are 6 weeks postpartum (natural birth) or 9 weeks (cesarean).

Learn More - Mums & Bubs Yoga

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Next TSY Course:

Begins Weds, 1st May 2024

(Stream 1) 2pm - 3pm

(Stream 2) 3:30pm - 4:30pm


With Raquel & Rachael


Trauma Sensitive Yoga is established as an adjunct treatment for PTSD and is approved under ACC Sensitive Claims.

Each program will run for eight consecutive weeks with two facilitators. Each group will have one lead facilitator (yoga teacher) and one co-facilitator (counsellor)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Kanuka

Courses & Events

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Uplifting Dance
with Marielle Estelle

Friday, April 12th 2024

7pm - 8:30pm

Sliding Payment: $15-$30

Book Online

Embody a sense of freedom from within, set yourself free from your overthinking mind, and move from that place. Dancing can be the best way to release stress and tensions. Also, in dance and movement therapy, we believe that if we succeed to unleash the body, create new movement patterns, we can heal the mind, and create new neural pathways.


Learn More about Uplifting Dance

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Tune-In with 
Restore & Live Music

Thurs, 25th April


10am - 11:30am

Sliding Exchange - $30 - $50

Book Online


Join Tanija & Stu in the studio this ANZAC Day for a calming, Restorative Yoga practice, guided relaxation and live acoustic melodies and soothing sounds to accompany your practice.

No previous experience required.

Restorative Yoga & Live Music

POSTCARD - Kanuka Day Retreat Journey Within (148 x 105 mm).png

Kanuka Day Retreat 
with Raquel Minh & Stu Larsen

Saturday, 11th May

7:30am - 3:30pm

Early Bird $199

Book Online

We return to Kula, Muriwai to share a day of wellbeing. Journey within with the support of plant medicine such as cacao, mushrooms, and blue lotus.


Learn how indigenous used these plants in ceremony and how this may relate to your own ancient roots. Share a cacao circle, movement, meditation, and integration practices to attune to the subtleties of plant medicine. 

No previous experience required.

Journey Within: A Day Retreat - Learn More




$30 Unlimited for 10 days

Consecutive Days

Activation begins on date of first booking

$99 Unlimited for 1 Month

Receive 20% Off any pass during Intro Offer

Limited to 1 Intro Offer per person

Workshops, Events, and Series not included


Unlimited passes

$170 1 Month
$700 6 Month

Activation begins on date of first booking


Auto-Card Payment Required

(a membership)

Price incl 2.9% card surcharge

$140.2 Monthly Unlimited



$25 Drop-In

$220 10 Classes

Expiry Dates:

28 days for Drop-In

4 months for 10 classes

Activation begins on date of first booking

Early Morning pass

$10 Drop-In

$100 10 Classes

Valid for 6.30am classes only.

Same expiry dates as above.

Purchase gift card

Discounted Passes & Promo Offers


Online card transactions made through Momence will incur a 2.9% charge + $0.30 card charge transaction fee.

5 and 10 Class Packs - 4 month expiry 

(can be extended if new pass is purchased)

Direct bank transfer payment is available; email

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An online yoga community, where we share new classes every month, so you can enjoy breath and movement at your own pace.

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