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A neighbourly yoga studio and wellness space based in Hobsonville, Auckland, with group classes influenced by vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative yoga and mat pilates.

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Power Flow

Strength-based, energetic classes meant to raise the internal heat. Great for vinyasa and hatha lovers.

Opportunity to challenge your flexibility and balance.

Learn More About Power Yoga


Slow Flow

More time between poses to help open and deepen your practice. Expect a few extra alignment cues during your poses and learn how props can benefit your practice.

Learn More About Slow Yoga



Priority is healing and resting the mind and body. Best for those with the intention to relax and de-stress. All props are used here, suitable for beginners and experienced students.

Learn More About Restore Yoga


Yin Yang

A creative practice incorporating dual energies to move towards a sense of wholeness. Expect time in grounded, seated shapes, then moving into a more dynamic sequence.

Learn More About Yin/Yang Yoga



A slow practice consisting of long held poses & focusing on deep connective tissues. Bring awareness to body's subtle energetic systems as your release deep tension and soothe the nervous system.

Learn More About Yin Yoga



Incorporate strengthening and conditioning alongside a yoga sequence.


Explore the core and toning specific muscle groups. 

Learn More About Yogalates

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Experience uplifting, slow movements to gain flexibility and openness in the body.


Support your changing body as you cultivate space for your growing baby. 

No previous experience required.

Please email us to express interest.

Join Our Next Prenatal Yoga Series

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Classes are best suited for little ones who are not yet crawling and mothers who are 6 weeks postpartum (natural birth) or 9 weeks (cesarean).

Follow the link below to learn more, and to express your interest in a new series at the studio.

If you have an Anti-Natal Group that can help speed things up.

About Mums & Bubs Yoga

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Next TSY Course:

Begins Weds, 24th July 2024

(Stream 1) 2pm - 3pm

(Stream 2) 3:30pm - 4:30pm


With Raquel & Rachael


Trauma Sensitive Yoga is established as an adjunct treatment for PTSD and is approved under ACC Sensitive Claims.

Each program will run for eight consecutive weeks with two facilitators. Each group will have one lead facilitator (yoga teacher) and one co-facilitator (counsellor)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Kanuka

series & Events


Sound Journey: Bowls, Drums, Breathwork
with Darran & Vanessa

Sunday, 9th June

7:15pm - 8:45pm

Exchange: $45

Book Online

A transformative sound journey, breathwork, and meditation experience using the healing frequencies of 432hz crystal bowls and the powerful vibrations of a shamanic heart drum and tibetan bowls. 


About Bowls, Drums, & Breathwork

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Prenatal Yoga
with Carol Jardine

Begins: 18th June

Time: Tuesdays at 7pm

5 weeks

Tuition: $120 or Any Kanuka Pass

Feel free to drop-in!

Book Online


Experience uplifting, slow movement practices to gain flexibility and openness in the body. Bring awareness to your back as you strengthen this area in a gentle way, supporting your changing body as you cultivate space for your growing baby.

Learn more about Prenatal Yoga

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Labyrinth Gathering
with Sonya Lyn

Friday, 14th June

7pm to 9pm

Exchange - $40 per person

Book Online

Labyrinth walking is a centuries-old practice found in many cultures, used as a tool for prayer, healing, and personal and spiritual growth.

Join Sonya Lyn as she guides you to draw inwards with grace using the labyrinth, meditation, and the practice of contemplation.

Labyrinth Gathering - Learn More




$30 Unlimited for 10 days

Consecutive Days

$99 Unlimited for 1 Month

You can try both Intro Offers, once each

Receive 20% Off any pass during Intro Offer

Pass activation starts on date of first booking

Workshops, Retreats, and Series not included


Unlimited passes

$149 1 Month
$700 6 Month

Activation begins on date of first booking


$119 Monthly Unlimited

Debit/Credit card required

Cancel anytime.

Card surcharge applies:

2.9% + $0.30 /transaction



$25 Drop-In

$220 10 Classes

Expiry Dates:

28 days for Drop-In

4 months for 10 classes

Activation begins on date of first booking

Early Morning pass

$10 Drop-In

$100 10 Classes

Valid for 6.30am classes only.

Same expiry dates as above.

Purchase gift card

Discounted Passes & Promo Offers


Online card transactions made through Momence will incur a 2.9% charge + $0.30 per successful transaction.

5 and 10 Class Packs - 4 month expiry 

(can be extended if new pass is purchased)

Direct bank transfer payment is available; email

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An online yoga community, where we share new classes every month, so you can enjoy breath and movement at your own pace.

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102C Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0618

Phone: 027 6KANUKA


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